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Second Reinspection Of Chairs
Pre-Shipment Of PP Chair

Second Reinspection Of Chairs / Pre-Shipment Of PP Chair in Langfang

Second reinspection of chairs performed in Zhangzhou by Sunchine Inspection. The production quality is still shoddy!

Second Reinspection Of Chairs (1)

Static Loading test / Hooking test

Second Reinspection Of Chairs / Inside check of the test

Stability test

Pre-Shipment of pp chair in Langfang by Sunchine Inspection. 15 various tests were conducted during this production inspection Instruction sheet / Product view

Some of the defects found during a pre-shipment inspection of chair; inspection result is failed; the buyer requires a re-inspection Broken wood on unit / Dirty mark on unit

Inspection report of a production of office chairs carried out by Sunchine Inspection in Hebei. The result is pending

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Question:  What is QC & QA? How do you prepare to face an interview?

Answer :  

QC – Quality Control

QA – Quality Assurance

Currently in the automotive industry these titles get moved back and forth but the principals of them are essentially different. With out going into great detail the way I look at it is Quality Control helps ensure that the parts have high quality while being made where Assurance checks to make sure the parts are ok.

That is the simplified form of it as I am not sure which field you are going into. To prepare for an interview in quality you need to understand the fundamentals inside the industry. Essentially quality is making sure that the process works properly to ensure the end product or service is of the highest quality possible within the system and budget present. (Author:  April Mantha   From: Quora)

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