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Sunchine Inspection, a professional one-stop international inspection provider, focus on providing more flexible and humanized inspection service to clients from all over the world.

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Certification Background

Ecuador National standards are set by the Ecuadorian Standards Institute (INEN).

The SAE is the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service and is the official body in charge of accrediting in accordance with international guidelines the technical competence of other bodies that operate in matters of conformity assessment. fulfill the functions of a national technical body, in matters of conformity assessment accreditation for all purposes established in the laws of the Republic of Ecuador, in international treaties, agreements and conventions.

According to the list of regulated products  published  by The Ecuador’s  National Quality Council (National, all related  products imported  to Ecuador has the obligation to apply for inspection at the country of supply ( and obtain a mandatory  “Product Conformity Certificate” (COC certificate) before goods shipment. Otherwise, the products will fail to clear customs and consequently, you will not be able to place your product into the Ecuadorian market.

Sunchine Inspection was officially recognized as inspection and certification body to issue the CoC certificate based on INEN standards for the products shipped to Ecuador.
Sunchine Accreditation Official Accreditation Numbers for Ecuador are

SAE-SAE-2023-0283-OF as inspection body

SAE-SAE-2023-0285-OF as product certification body.


Product Categories:

Related products exported to Ecuador should apply for inspection and obtain the Product Compliance Certificate (CoC) before shipment, otherwise the goods will not be cleared after reaching the port of Ecuador. Regulated product include: textile and footwear, electrical appliances, light industry, machinery and others.

General Certification Process:

  • Submit the complete application form(RFC), formal invoice and packing list;
  • The application form (RFC) shall include the details of the goods, and provide product quality documents such as test report, technical parameters, quality management system certificate (if any), etc;
  • Above info are submitted for review and to identify feasible implementation plans and suitable standards under the plan;
  • If testing is required, Sunchine Inspection arrange coordinated sampling and conduct testing;
  • Will arrange for the on-site inspection;
  • After the inspection and shipment, the exporter shall submit the final shipping documents to Sunchine Inspection;
  • Reviewing all final documents and issue COC certificate;

Sunchine teams will continue to thrive, innovate and work hard together to drive increased confidence, safety and trust in trade globally.


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