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Never Forget, There Must Be an Echo

Post Series: Sunchine Team

The following English is translated by Google translator:
“Never forget, there must be an echo”, which is first known from an interview with my favorite actor. Fine fine savour, it feels that there is a lot of life philosophy. Nobody can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough self – control and the will.

Time passes quickly, It’s been three years since I joined the Sunchine Big Family.
I still remember,my work developed along the right lines with the help of colleagues at the beginning of this job.
I retain a clear memory of those days.Thank you,Dear Colleagues.

I have to mention that, Sunchine has grown rapidly in the period of my job.
And in the back of this, there are the never – giving – up spirit.

I will try to do my work to the best of my ability, and complete each goal step by step.

Under the leadership of the company leadership, under the efforts of all staff, believe that the company will create a better tomorrow.







Under the leadership of the company leadership, under the efforts of all staff, believe that Sunchine Inspection will create a better tomorrow.

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