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Sunchine Inspection, a professional one-stop international inspection provider, focus on providing more flexible and humanized inspection service to clients from all over the world.

Sunchine Inspection, Thinking for you and doing for you!

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Inspection Service Company / Inspections For Containers / Product Quality Inspection & Factory Audit

kicker tables pre-shipment inspection performed by Sunchine Inspection for a German client. the result was pending

Panani makers pre-shipment inspection by Sunchine Inspection. The plastic parts of the product were rubbed 100%

and of course during this inspection, Sunchine Inspector has also checked to good functioning of several meat slicers

CNC Router Pre-Shipment Inspection for an Italian client’s in Hebei Province.

Hobbing Machine pre-shipment Inspection in Qingdao. The client has also required a Container Loading Inspection

Hot Melt Machine Inspection in Guangdong Province for a South American client

Inspection of a pergola production in Guangdong. Too many defectives found by Sunchine Inspector

Inspection of a production of slates in Jiangxi by Sunchine Inspection.The inspection result was failed

Inspection of a slimming machine in Beijing. Some of these machines can be dangerous and cause severe burns.

Inspection of scooters performed by Sunchine Inspection for a South American client.

Jewel boxes Pre-Shipment inspection in Zhejiang conducted by Sunchine Inspection for a client from UK. Result failed

Lady Shoes quality inspection in Guangdong Province realized by Sunchine Inspection for a Russian client.

little cracking was found after assembling a beach chair with awning during a final random inspection in Shanghai

Machetes quality inspection performed by Sunchine in Hebei; some edges not smooth also some small holes in the blade

Meat slicer quality inspection performed by Sunchine in Guangdong Province. The result is pending.

Mechanical Test on Aluminum Alloy bars.. Sunchine Inspection employs mare than 100 full-time accredited inspectors

Pre-Shipment Inspection in Shenzhen; Our inspector found that 50% of these tablets had water mark on tablet screen.

Pre-shipment inspection of mini quads in Zhejiang performed by an inspector of Sunchine specializing in the field.

Pre-Shipment inspection of stainless doors Zhejiang Province performed by Sunchine Inspection for a European clientjpg

Quality inspection and functionality testing of snow throwers carried out by Sunchine Inspection for a German client.]

Quality inspection of induction cookers realized by Sunchine Inspection. About 33% of the production was defective

Some other cartons were dirty & wet; the supplier does not have extra cartons to repack the goods during the loading

Some printing problems and hanging threads were found during this inspection of kitchen towels by Sunchine Inspector.

Sunchine inspector performs the rub test during a pre shipment inspection in China

Tests conducted on a machine in stock during a factory audit in Qingdao.

There were too many dirty marks, scratches, threads, damaged etc. found on these sofas during a PSI in Guangzhou

too many defects found inspector asked factory to cancel container loading mission according to client’s confirmation

We commit to protect you against the risks of getting defective or hazardous products when you purchase in China.

Your request will be processed during working time in China.
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