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Sunchine Inspection, a professional one-stop international inspection provider, focus on providing more flexible and humanized inspection service to clients from all over the world.

Sunchine Inspection, Thinking for you and doing for you!

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Meet Sunchine Inspectors of Hangzhou

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Sunchine Inspection inspector checking the inspection results at the end of a product quality inspection in Zhejiang province

We have confidence in our team ;

Confidence is always borrowed , neverowned.

French-Chinese managed inspection company founded in 2005, Sunchine Inspection is certified and has a strong technical inspection department. We only have highly trained full-time inspectors specialized by industry. Our inspectors are spread over 50 industrial cities in China.

Photo and video by Francois Shi

With Sunchine’s Inspection Service, you can order professional services from directly on at The inspector will visit the manufacturing and/or port facilities anywhere in China and make reports, including pictures, to certify that the goods being produced and shipped meet quality standards.

Sunchine can help you check products ?quality before shipping, to check workmanship quality, raw materials, product appearance, weight check, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, logos, labelling and marking, packaging, packing and other special requirements depending on the product specifications and the export market.

Francois SHI

Francois Shi, the General Manager of Sunchine Inspection, Master Degree in International Business from Paris Sorbonne University 1, has very rich experience in the international business, sourcing and all kinds of inspection, audits. He is a very good negotiator and speaks French and English perfectly.

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