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Phone Inspection
Smartphone Pre-Shipment Inspection

Smartphone Pre-Shipment Inspection / Smartphone Unlock / Phone Inspection,Used Mobile Phone

Smartphoner pre-shipment inspection carried out by Sunchine Inspection in Shenzhen; the inspection result is pending

USB connect to computer

making video

battery checking

camera test

system test

blue tooth test

charging test

aging test 4 hours

playing radio

poor assembly

battery voltage check / output test / input test

flashing test

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Question:  What is the role of a quality control manager?

Answer : The purpose of a Quality control manager’s role is to design , develop, implement and monitor quality systems that delivers products and services based on customers expectation of performance.

QC Manager acts like a competency center and enables the organisation to follow processes and practices as a discipline by all the staff members and across all functions. He analyses the repetitive tasks, checks for consistency and reliability of output ( such as defect rate and defect type ). He then engages the concerned functions to solve problems or improve quality by adopting higher level specifications. This is done by designing processes that are capable of such performance and setting control limits for error tolerance once the process is implemented . This needs training , education and on the job working as a facilitator to these groups. He performs the role of an auditor to ensure that processes are followed and quality is delivered.

Many organisations like to get Quality Certification such as ISO, CMMI etc., to enhance their brand value and image from the eyes of their customers, suppliers and stakeholders. In such a situation, the QC manager becomes a the in house expert and knowledge bank to guide the entire organisation follow the compliance standards laid down to meet the certification criteria.

The role has evolved from being a single point of accountability for quality defects to a pervasive internal consulting role for effective deployment of quality systems to deliver high quality product and services. This is often seen as a business critical role.

Hope this helps. (Author: Siddhartha Bhattacharjee   From: Quora)

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