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Meat Grinder Container Loading Check In Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou
Meat Grinder Final Random Quality Inspection Service In China

Meat Grinder Final Random Quality Inspection Service In China / Meat Grinder Container Loading Check In Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou

Earth continue test for meat slicers. Sunchine QC team has also realized some other tests: hi-pot test, power test…

Meat grinder quality inspection realized by Sunchine inspection in Guangdong Province for an American client

power test

Leakage current test result

Function test

Leakage current test

Power test

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Question:  What is QC & QA? How do you prepare to face an interview?

Answer :  Quality Control (QC) are set of activities done to validate or test the product to determine if it conforms to the specified features of a product being built. It is a defect detection activity. An example activity in software development is when you test an application by running it, using it, simulating user activity and recording whether it passes or fails the expected behavior.

Quality Assurance (QA) are processes of planned and systematic set of activities to ensure the project, product or a service being delivered conforms to the expectations of the client. This process starts from inception, to planning, to execution all the way to delivery. It is a continuous activity throughout the project. It is a defect prevention activity. It answers the question – “do we have the correct methodologies and processes in place to ensure we deliver the expected product within specifications?” In software development, these are documented and repeatable processes that are followed by the organization to ensure quality. These processes are documented in such a manner that if a new employee enters your organization – he/she can immediately grasp his role in the team in delivering quality product. (Author: Gali Valiente   From: Quora)

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