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Final Random Inspection For Food Product
Frozen Chicken Feet Food Quality Control

Frozen Chicken Feet Food Quality Control / Final Random Inspection For Food Product

Food technology / Food product development / Quality control

Quality assurance (QA) guarantees that food meets a clear, consistent set of standards. At key stages in production there should be quality control checks so manufacturers are alerted to any problems. The results of these checks are recorded. Checks can be done by hand or by computer.

Quality control checks will normally include:

  • weight checks to make sure the product is the required weight
  • visual checks to make sure it looks the way it should
  • temperature checks to make sure it is being kept at an appropriate temperature
  • pH checks to make sure the food has the correct acidity/alkalinity
  • microbiological checks to make sure bacteria are not at harmful levels
  • chemical checks to guard against chemical contamination
  • metal checks to guard against contamination by metals (usually at the packing stage, using a metal detector)
  • organoleptic checks to check flavour, texture and aroma by sampling the food product

This flowchart shows where quality checks might take place during the production of pizza:

Make dough (operation) – prove (delay) – quality check – prepare topping (operation) – assemble pizza (operation) – quality check – bake (operation) – quality check – cool and refridgerate (storage)


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