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SA8000, the “Social Accountability Standard”, is the English abbreviation of Social Accountability 8000, and is the world’s first international standard of ethics. Its purpose is to ensure that the products supplied by suppliers meet the requirements of social responsibility standards. The SA8000 standard is applicable to companies of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world. Its basis and ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, are a set of third-party certification body (SGS-CSTC standard [1]) audit of international standards.

It’s primarily about people, not products and the environment. SA8000 has only one International unified certification body SAI(Social Accountability International), that is, Social Accountability International.

The characteristics of SA8000

Social Accountability Standards 8000 or SA8000 for short. Since it came into being in 1997, it has received great public attention and aroused strong response in American and European business circles. Experts believe that SA8000 is ISO9000, ISO14000 after the emergence of another important international standards, and sooner or later will be converted to ISO standards; SA8000 certification will become another important weapon in the international market competition. The far-sighted organizer should take precautions and check whether the organization has fulfilled its recognized social responsibilities, whether there is any violation of social ethics in the process of organization operation, and whether the legitimate rights and interests of the workers have been effectively protected, so as to grasp the opportunity and meet the new round of worldwide challenges. The increasing number of statements on ethical responsibility in organizations’ annual reports and corporate brochures shows the growing need to combine management with social responsibility. While many organizations operate without ethical behaviour, there is no way to judge it. Today, whether an organization’s behavior conforms to social ethics can be confirmed and declared according to the conformity of the organization with the requirements of SA8000. SA8000- the world’s first standard of social moral responsibility is a new standard to regulate the ethical behavior of organizations, has been used as a third party certification criteria. SA8000 certification is based on the requirements of the standard to review, evaluate whether the organization is consistent with the basic standards to protect human rights and interests, in all the world’s industrial and commercial fields can be applied and implemented SA8000.

To formulate objective

The purpose of SA8000 standard is to protect the basic rights and interests of human beings. Elements of the SA8000 standard are drawn from the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on the prohibition of forced Labour, freedom of association and other relevant norms, the Global Statement on Human Rights, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. The standard first gives the definition and core elements of the independent audit of the organization and the company, and confirms the basic principles of the audit evaluation. Such as “child Labour” is one of the core elements of the standard, the principle of the elements are as follows: the company cannot be used or support exploitative child labor, the company shall establish effective documented policy and procedure, so as to promote education of minor children, the children may be the local compulsory education law scope should be educated or minor children are out of school. The standards set out specific guarantees, such as: the use of underage child Labour during normal school hours; The working hours, school hours and round-trip time between work and study activities of minors shall not exceed 8 hours per day; Children’s Labour force shall not be used for work harmful to children’s health, unsafe or dangerous.

Certification benefits

A socially responsible business can benefit from its business operations, including:

“A socially responsible company” can win the trust of the public, enhance the image and reputation of the company, and gain market advantage.

Greatly reduce the number of customer audits, avoid the cost, time and management of repeated audits. A clear commitment to humane working standards can attract more high-quality talent and increase employee loyalty and productivity.

The audit team will visit the relevant facilities of the client organization and assess the implementation and effectiveness of the social responsibility program to ensure that the facilities comply with the requirements of SA8000.

The uniqueness of the SA8000 is that it includes a “food basket” and a minimum local housing cost requirement to determine the minimum wage.

The role of SA8000 certification

  1. Reduce foreign customers’ second party audit of suppliers and save costs;
  2. Greater compliance with local regulations;
  3. Establish international credibility;
  4. Make consumers have positive feelings towards the product;
  5. Enable partners to build long-term confidence in the enterprise.

The main content

1) Child Labour; 2) Force d Labour; 3) Health&Safety;

4) organize trade unions in the freedom and right to collective bargaining (Freedom of Association and Right to collective Bargaining);

5) Discrimination;

6) Disciplinary practices alone do not harness the power of power.

7) Work Tours;

8) Compensation;

9) Management Systems.

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