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Introduction of CPSC

CPSIA is the Safety Improvement Act, which was signed into law by President Bush on August 14, 2008. The law is the toughest consumer protection legislation since the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was established in 1972. In addition to stricter requirements on lead in children’s products, the new law also sets new limits on the amount of phthalates, harmful substances found in toys and child care products. The bill also requires the creation of a public database of consumer product safety.

Coverage products

  • Toys / children’s products and paint / paint lead content test
  • Test on small parts that can easily cause suffocation
  • Eraser / Pacifier
  • Children’s bed with railing
  • Children’s metal jewelry
  • Baby inflatable jumping bed, baby walker , skipping rope


The limits on lead in children’s products will be phased in over three years. Since February 10, 2009, products designed for children 12 years old and younger will not contain more than 600 parts per million (PPM) of lead by volume. Since February 10, 2009, children’s products containing more than 600 parts per million (parts per million) of lead by volume have been banned in the United States, and their sale carries serious civil and criminal liability. This regulation states that paint, coating or electroplating cannot prevent a child from exposure to lead contained in a product. After one year of enactment, or starting Aug. 14, 2009, products designed for children 12 years and younger will not contain more than 300 parts per million (PPM) of lead by volume. After three years, or from August 14, 2011, that limit will be reduced to 100 parts per million (PPM) by volume, unless the commission decides that the lower limit is not technically feasible.

Certain children’s products may be exempt or exempt from the new lead limit if their lead-containing components are not accessible to users. Within a year, the commission will draw up guidelines on which parts of a product are out of reach of users. The Committee will also assess whether certain electronic devices, including those containing batteries, must comply with lead limits.


  • certification consultation — to provide product-related information;
  • certification quotation — evaluation of testing costs and time;
  • Fill in the application form, sign back the contract and express the sample;
  • The laboratory shall conduct CPSIA certification on the samples;
  • After passing the test, CPSIA certification will be issued.
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