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Introduction Of Reach

“Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals ; Chemical Registration, Evaluation, License and Restriction ” . This is the EU’s access to their markets for all chemicals preventive management regulations, in June 1st,2007 officially implemented.
This is a regulatory proposal concerning the safety of chemical production, trade, and use. The regulations are designed to protect human health and environmental safety, maintain and improve the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry, and develop innovative capabilities for non-toxic and harmless compounds to prevent market fragmentation. , Increase transparency in the use of chemicals, promote non-animal experiments, and pursue sustainable social development. REACH has established the concept that society should not introduce new materials, products or technologies if their potential hazards are unknown.

Coverage products

REACH covers almost all products exported to the EU (except food, medicines and pesticides ) . In response to the requirements of the REACH regulation, all links in the supply chain have to bear corresponding obligations:

  • Chemicals, alloys, plastics, semi-finished products, accessories
  • Toys, furniture, cosmetics, stationery, paints, paints, glues and detergents
  • Textiles and clothing, footwear products, leather products and accessories
  • Electronic and electrical products and other products, etc.
  • Household goods, leisure and sports goods, etc.


  • Certification consultation—Provide product-related information
  • Certification quotation—Evaluation of testing costs and time
  • Fill in the application form, sign back the contract and sample express
  • Laboratory conduct REACH test on the sample.
  • After passing the test, Issue REACH report.

Matters needing attention

If the product wants to pass the REACH test, you need to pay attention to the materials used in the production. The EU REACH certification regulations stipulate that the product cannot exceed the limit of toxic and hazardous substances. If it exceeds the limit, it needs to be rectified until the test is qualified and the REACH certification certificate is obtained. Only then can they enter the EU market for sales.

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