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Activity Description

In order to enrich staffs’ entertainment life, strengthen cultural construction, improve the cohesion of company. Nanjing Office of the company organized the staffs to participate in Jiangsu TV Fei Cheng Wu Rao on August 12, 2017.


Here is the news from CNN:
Chinese people are subjugated by dating shows.
After two TV dating shows– Take Me Out (我们约会吧) and If You Are The One (非诚勿扰) prevailed in China, dating programs have been more and more popular in Chinese screen.
These two programs, which both first aired in January 2010, have swept across China. For Chinese viewers, they have proved riveting, turning traditional matchmaking on its head and celebrating instant celebrity(一夜成名). And these shows have new style with offering confrontation, nerves and suspense instead of boring singing and dancing programs.
The program, If You Are the One , is the number of men and women under extreme imbalance, and always be a man in the face of 24 women, then the conflict which will have a dramatic effect, the rhythm will also be very soon, will be about 20 minutes for a match, more in line with young people appreciate the habit. In addition to rhythm and dramatic effect, the” If You Are the One“ will be another surprise in the modern manifestation of true love and marriage.
Wang Gang said: “We will not deliberately advocated, but the program’s design will allow us to see young people now love and marriage.”
These TV shows also have generated discussion about money worship among China‘s younger generation。Especially when a female contestant of “If You Are the One”, said she would rather be unhappy dating a man with a BMW than be happy with a man who rode only a bicycle. So these shows are also very controversial .

Activity Details

Activity Name: Fei Cheng Wu Rao
Date: August 12, 2017.
Location: Nanjing International Expo Center
Activity Tag: Entertainment

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