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Sunchine Inspection, a professional one-stop international inspection provider, focus on providing more flexible and humanized inspection service to clients from all over the world.

Sunchine Inspection, Thinking for you and doing for you!

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sunchine Inspection
If you have a question, just ask. Send us mail with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.
Or ring the Hotline on 0086-25-6809 3658.

Q. What’s the history of Sunchine Inspection?

A. Sunchine Inspection is a processional inspection companied approved by ISO9001 and other national & international organization. The business of Sunchine Inspection was started from 2007.

Q. What’s actual presence of Sunchine Inspection?

A. Sunchine Inspection has office in China and Europe. Currently, the inspection service could be provided in many Asia Countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Q. Why I need inspection service?

A. Safety reason. Today, China has become one of the biggest exporters; however, the quality issue is also becoming one more serious issue in whole supply chain. Sunchine Inspection could help the importers to import goods with all security, to make sure all details are conformed to the expectation of importers/buyers.

Q. If I already have team in China, should I need the inspection service from 3rd inspection company?

A. Yes, the inspection service is suitable for not only the buyers who are not present in China, but also for today who have offices or teams in China, professional inspection service could help the buyers to detect and decide.

Q. One factory audit is necessary in international business?

A. Yes, it’s recommended to arrange factory audit especially 1st transaction.

Q. Does Sunchine Inspection offer lab testing service?

A. Yes, Sunchine Inspection focus on inspection service and doesn’t have own testing house now. However, Sunchine Inspection sets up partnership with many accredited labs in China, Sunchine always select the most suitable lab for the clients.

Q. Does Sunchine Inspection offer sourcing service?

A. No, Sunchine Inspection only focus on inspection service, we don’t communicate any info of both clients and sellers.

Q. Why I need select Sunchine Inspection as a partner?

A. Very qualified consultant and inspector’s team, quick reaction to clients’ requirement; multi-language team and adapted service

Q. What’s rate of Sunchine Inspection in China?

A. Supplier First Assessment,158 USD, quality inspection, 258 USD/Man/day and 328 USD/Man/day for Supplier audit service.

Q. is there extra cost for the offer?

A. No, the price is all-inclusive price, all transport or meal cost will be at charge of Sunchine inspection.

Q. How can I book Sunchine Inspection Service?

A. Please just send the inspection form to any Sunchine Inspection sales person, the client can also send to below email address:

Q. How many days I need book the order in advance?

A. Sunchine Inspection promised to accept any order 48 working hours before inspection.

Q. What kind of information I need to provide to book one inspection?

A. More information provided is appreciated; in general, the PO (purchase order) or PI from the seller, the checking list, or inspection requirement, sample size, manufacturer contact information must be necessary for inspection.

Q. When the inspection fee needs to be paid?

A. As per the rule of Sunshine inspection, the inspection fee needs to be collected before inspection.

Q. What are the payment methods?

A. By Bank, Paypal, Western union, all accepted

Q. The sample of goods must be necessary?

A. It’s not necessary but appreciated. If there is no approved sample, the client should provide clear specification for inspector to verify.

Q. Do I need to talk with inspectors directly?

A. No, not necessary, we appoint Account manager for each client; the account manger will be available with the client for any issue before/during/after inspection.

Q. How long can I receive the inspection report?

A. 24 working hours after inspection, it’s the promise of Sunchine inspection.

Q. What kind of information included in the inspection report?

A. For example, for PSI (Pres-shipment inspection), there are 6 main categories in the report: quality/ workmanship/testing/packaging marking/measurement data/clients’ special requirement. For clients ‘special requirement, we reply one by one.

Q. What can I do if I have question after receiving the inspection report?

A. Please always coordinate with your account manager, Sunchine Inspection will be always at your disposal at any question or comments.

Q. Does Sunchine Inspection take responsibility on the result of inspection?

A. Yes, Sunchine Inspection issues the inspector report with the result of Sunchine inspection, but the final decision needs to take by the client him/herself.

Q. Can I book the same inspector for all my mission?

A. Sunchine inspection has more than 100 inspectors in most area of China, we can try to reserve the same inspector but we can’t guarantee. If the same inspector is required, the clients are suggested to book inspection several days in advance,

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